Mining Guide (Getting Started)

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Mining Guide (Getting Started)

Post by chipah » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:21 pm

Do NOT use *Receive Address* and *miningprivkey* shown in this guide, everyone who reads this guide will have access to coins you mine!!

Wallet GUI Mining (This guide is for Windows but the basic applies to Linux and Mac as well)
Retrieve wallet binary for your OS from here:

Download wallet for your OS here:

Extract it to folder of your choice.
For example: C:\ZettelKasten\

Launch zettelkasten-qt.exe
Click on Mining tab
Move the slider for Number of threads to use and click Start mining


Yes, it's that simple. ;)


However, simplicity now may cause issues later for safe keeping of your coins and the reason is: Every mined blocks will come in with different address. That means you'll need either make a back up of wallet.dat file after every block found, or export and keep copy of privkey for every block.

So, let's take a few steps further to send all mined block to same address. With this method all you need to keep is a copy of that one privkey.

If you already start mining, just click Stop mining
Launch Notepad for note keeping

In Zettel Wallet, Click Receive tab
Right mouse click on your Address and select Copy Address


Paste it in Notepad

Back to Zettel Wallet, select Tools | Debug Console


Type: dumpprivkey <space> and paste in the address and hit ENTER


Copy output line and paste it in Notepad and save.
This is your privkey to unlock your coins. Keep it safe!!!


Start a new Notepad and paste below in:

Code: Select all

##Receive Address: ZcgCXmCLxET6rLx8JmUDEpbRHntQFvuovh
Replace rpcuser, rpcpassword, Receive Address and miningprivkey to yours

Select File | Save As

In File Name Type in:

Code: Select all

In File Type select All Files (*.*)
Click Save and exit.


Exit the Wallet and relaunch it.
In Overview and Mining tab, you should see message All mined coins will go to ZcgCXmCLxET6rLx8JmUDEpbRHntQFvuovh


Now you're all set ... Happy Mining and Good Luck!

Hint: If you have more than one PC for mining, just copy zettelkasten.conf to same location on that machine

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